Brits and Americans  pronounce the name of this awesome medieval city “brooge” with a soft g, but in West Flanders, it is pronounced “brooga”, with a hard g and short a.  We prefer to use local parlance.  Also, we rarely use the word awesome, except where it truly applies.

So, Brugge is an awesome medieval city in West Flanders.  It was miraculously spared during the war years of the last century.  The Germans occupied Brugge twice, and no doubt appreciated it as much as we do today, because they left it untouched for posterity on their way out of town in 1918 and 1944 – no scorched earth here.  Of particular interest to beer fans are a bunch of great beer bars, the most notable of which is the t’ Brugs Beertje.  If you want to go back in time 500 years plus, roam Brugge late at night when many cars and virtually all pedestrians are absent – it’s amazing to experience these streets as they were centuries ago, except with modern street lights, of course.

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