Saint-Côme-du-Mont is more sigificant for events that took place on its periphery rather than in the central part of the town.  Just south of the centre ville is an intersection called Dead Man’s Corner, with a building at its intersection, significant because it was the command post of the elite German paratroopers led by Major Friedrich Von Der Heydte.  A tank column arriving from Utah Beach (from the road on the right in the above photograph) was attacked by the German defenders at this intersection.  One of the tanks was immobolized by a Panzerfaust and the commander lay dead, hanging partially out of the hatch, for days as Allied troops passed by on their way inland.

Also, the causeway leading south towards Carentan, the old N13, is known as “Purple Heart Lane” after the heavy casualties experienced by the 101st Airborne in attacking German positions along the road.  It was the site of the first bayonet attack of WWII led by Lt. Col. Robert Cole, which earned him a Medal of Honor.

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