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XMLIO - An XML input/output library for C/C++ applications

XMLIO was designed to be fast and tiny, both in code size and memory use. Although it was primarily designed to be built into applications that use XML as a data format for their internal data, it is also small enough to be used in embedded devices (in fact, it is being used in cell phones and test equipment).

Unlike most parsers that include validation, DOMs, namespaces, etc, XML contains only what is needed to process fairly basic XML.


This is a streaming parser that uses a "pull" model so details of parsing particular subelements can be encapsulated inside the code that deals with that element. This is commonly used for reading application object hierarchies from an XML-formatted data file. See the README for more details and a modification history.


This is a utility class to help encapsulate the structuring details of writing XML elements and attributes. Instead of worrying about indenting, brackets and quotes, you just call methods like BeginElementEndElement, and WriteAttribute. See xmlout.h for the interface.


Get the XMLIO package (v0.92) here. This package includes a Visual Studio workspace and makefiles for UNIX and NT (thanks to Matthew Wall). Sample object hierarchies (in C++ and C) and input/output drivers are included in the "sample" subdirectory.

Send questions, comments, and bug reports to: paul@fxtech.com